search-lineuri.ps1 v 3.3 released

I guess I have hit the script-zone right now. Just a few days back I released the “get-userandpolicy.ps1” at my own site, and now I’m ready to let you know the search-lineuri.ps1 has gone through some changes.

The highlights from this new version is:

  • BUGFIX: SaveToXml no longer throws an error when you find only one match!
  • Code change:Function rewritten and search code changed to save time and space.
  • NEW FEATURE: Powershell output is not generated by write-host anymore :)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added column for “type” of endpoint, easy to tell if it is a user, room, rgs or whatever.
  • NEW FEATURE: Splitting line uri into EXT and DID
  • NEW FEATURE: Progress bar

I have tried to make the script run more efficient, and to create a more useful output in this version. I have been able to do so by removing 50% of my script, then add the new features as mandatory options in the main function. The progress bar got added to give the admin an indication of some kind of activity. In large deployments, the previous version of the script could take some time to run and give no indication at all. Now, the progress bar gets updated for every get-cs* command it runs.

I hope you find the tool useful. You can down load it by following the link in the menu, or right here!


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