LyncNumbers.net is a collaboration project between Lasse Nordvik Wedø and Lync MVP Ståle Hansen.

We have felt the pain every Lync admin share when it comes to number management. Under this umbrella, we aim to collect our number management scripts and tips. We want to share them so other Lync admins can have an easier time managing the organization’s number plans. Both assigned and unassigned. These scripts are not dependent on each other in any way, but together they work as a complete tool-set.

We will try to write to-the-point posts about the scripts, and several how-to posts as we go along and develop these tools.

So far, there are three scripts in the toolbox, these are not in a single collection but must be downloaded individually. We will post them on the TechNet Gallery, and provide links in the menu above.

This is a living project, and we appreciate feedback and suggestions.