Sometimes it can be hard to find where a number is configured in the system. Not all numbers are shown in the CSCP. And the only way find it is through poweshell commands.

You basically have to search for an identity’s lineuri with these commands: Get-CsUser, Get-CsAnalogDevice, Get-CsCommonAreaPhone, Get-CsExUmContact, Get-CsDialInConferencingAccessNumber, Get-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint, Get-CsRgsWorkflow.

This script, does it all for you. Search for the number, and it will look through all the possibilities and show you where the number is located.

Search-LineURI is intended for Lync 2013, Windows server 2012 and PowerShell v3

Current version of the script is v2.2 (of December 2013). A new release is planned just before the upcoming Lync Conference in February, so stay tuned. To find the current release of the script, just follow the link to Search-LineURI in the menu.