How I used get-assignedlineuri to identify users with a missing EXT

(and prevented a couple of helpdesk calls when login to conference failed)

Here is another example of how I use the get-assignedLineURI in my deployments

I run my script with the following switch: .\Get-AssignedLineURI.ps1 -ListAsGridView

Then I use simple filters in gridview to list all users with a LineURI where EXT is empty.



This simple task identified 12 users with a missing EXT (among 300 users) in just a couple of seconds.

Using this information it was easy to fix these users, without them ever knowing they had an issue :)


A few examples from the get-assignedlineuri

As with the search-lineuri script, I had to make parameters mandatory to make it as flexible as I wanted it to be for my usage. If the script is run without known parameters it will throw this custom error message, and I suggest running “get-help .\Get-AssignedLineURI.ps1 -Detailed” to get the complete list of options:


One of my favorites when I try to get an overview over a new system, or just keeping tabs on an existing one, is the the showsummary in shell. It gives a quick overview over how many objects within the Lync system there are with a assigned lineuri:


Then over to one my most used parameters. I use it in all my deployments, to get a detailed view over all the deployed lineURIs on all objects within Lync in one simple HTML document. Simply run Get-AssignedLineURI.ps1 -CreateHTMLOutput (with or without the -path parameter to control where the document is created):


I think this will be enough for one post, but I will be back with more examples in the following weeks.

get-assignedlineuri V3.2

Just a quick post to let you know the get-assignedlineuri.ps1 has been updated and uploaded to the Technet Gallery.

Here are the highlights of v3.2:

  • CHANGE: HTML list of endpoints will only show if actual endpoints are configured
  • REQUESTED FEATURE: HTML output has a new option -splitext, will add DID and EXT as columns in addition to full lineURI
  • BUGFIX: Added CsMeetingRooms to the outputs
  • BUGFIX: Removed parameter: $SummaryAsGridView as it is not in use

I will post more about this script in the near future, so stay tuned for more information.